, Bachelor wows in steamy shirtless pic, The Nzuchi Times

Bachelor wows in steamy shirtless pic

, Bachelor wows in steamy shirtless pic, The Nzuchi Times

From unlucky Bachelorettes forced to don dorky costumes, to the inevitable on-camera flirting as fellow contestants seethe, the annual Bachelor photo shoot certainly didn’t disappoint.

Nor did new Bach Jimmy Nicholson, who had his impressive six pack on display in steamy topless snaps.

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Starring news.com.au’s very own Andrew Bucklow, Thursday night’s episode saw the beginning of drama unfolding among this year’s crop of contestants.

While posing in fake rain as their shirts saturated through, early frontrunner Lily was lucky to score the most intimate setting with Jimmy, and he looked pretty happy about it.

The women watching on from the sidelines, on the other hand, did not.

“I’m not gonna lie. I think all of us girls were getting a little bit frustrated,” said Belinda from the sidelines.

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“Standing there with Jimmy, yeah, I think I got pretty lost in the moment. I mean, it’s pouring rain and everything’s so wet. And I was inching forward just a little bit more,” said Lily.

And then – they kissed.

, Bachelor wows in steamy shirtless pic, The Nzuchi Times

“I think I might have put him in a really bad position with the girls, but, like, not mad that I did,” she added.

As expected, the girls were absolutely livid.

“The audacity of her to do that in front of all of us,” one girl yelled.

Elsewhere, Tahnee and Sierah – whose candid fart confession Wednesday night will go down in reality TV history – took on the traditional “nemeses fighting over the Bachelor” photo challenge, which always results in one woman looking like they’re coming on way too strong.

Two guesses who in the pics below:

Tatum, Belinda and Tamlyn’s time in front of the camera with Jimmy was low-key and relaxed:

And finally, we have the opening scene of the most bizarre adult film ever, starring Jacinta as a sexy cleaner, coquettishly brandishing a feather duster (of course), Jimmy looking totally at ease, Rebekah and Stephanie as golfers and/or school girls and Laura as a sexy granny.

What a stunning selection for Osher’s family album.

The Bachelor Australia continues next Wednesday night from 7.30pm on Channel 10

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