, Five-week plan to end NSW lockdown, The Nzuchi Times

Five-week plan to end NSW lockdown

A Sydney mum has revealed the horrific impacts Covid-19 has had on her and her partner, saying it has “torn me apart”.

Melissa Green, who lives in Sydney’s southwest, tested positive for coronavirus two days after her partner Dion Mason contracted the virus on July 13. This led to the couple’s three-year-old daughter, Lola, also testing positive.

Both parents experienced the initial symptoms of bad headaches, chills and body aches before seeing a rapid decline in health.

Mr Mason was the first to be rushed to the emergency department when his oxygen levels dropped. When he was able to return on July 19, it was then Ms Green who was told she needed to be immediately hospitalised.

, Five-week plan to end NSW lockdown, The Nzuchi Times
Picture: Melissa Green/Facebook

The mum spent eight nights in St George Hospital, documenting her horrific symptoms on Facebook.

“Today has been my hardest day yet. I’ve been fighting tempts of 40c all day,” Ms Green wrote on July 21.

, Five-week plan to end NSW lockdown, The Nzuchi Times

“One thing about this virus is you are up and down but when you hit the deck it’s worse than the time before”.

The next day Ms Green said the virus and being alone in a hospital room away from her family had “torn me apart”.

On July 23 she wrote: “I cried and cried today all alone in a room fighting the hardest fight. They tried to get my up walking and I lasted 40 seconds before I collapsed on the bed – this is insane! For someone who plays numerous games of netball and umpires weekly and now I can’t even walk 40secds, what has this virus done to me?”

On July 24, Ms Green woke up with the lowest oxygen levels she had since arriving at the hospital.

“This virus is hell. It separates people from loved ones, rips your healthy apart and challenges you mentally,” she wrote on July 26.

“The cases are still there can people not see how contagious this is? SERIOUSLY stay home so we can all see an end in sight.”

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