, Survivor fave ousted in huge blindside, The Nzuchi Times

Survivor fave ousted in huge blindside

, Survivor fave ousted in huge blindside, The Nzuchi Times

Arguably this season’s best-known Survivor player was sent packing during Tuesday’s tribal council, in the first big blindside of Brains V Brawn.

AFL legend and Brownlow medallist Gavin Wanganeen didn’t know what hit him, after tribemate Keryn (or ‘Kez’) pulled out a hidden immunity idol at tribal council.

Playing it for herself, Kez sat back down with a grin on her face – while Gavin and his closest allies suddenly looked very worried.

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And it’s a good thing she played it: Keryn received five votes, none of which counted. In the end, four votes for Gavin were enough to send him home.

“Did not see that coming,” he whispered to himself before host Jonathan LaPaglia snuffed his torch.

, Survivor fave ousted in huge blindside, The Nzuchi Times

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The surprise move made Gavin the second person to be booted from the Brawn tribe, after cleaner Janelle was voted out in Monday night’s episode.

Earlier in the episode, Gavin had made a surprising admission about that tribal council, confessing he wrote down Janelle’s name entirely by mistake, after conspiring with his alliance to vote for Shannon.

As his tribemates tried to figure out why the vote hadn’t gone their way, Gavin privately confessed to the camera he’d been confused about who they were gunning for and would be keeping the mistake to himself.

“This game is so confusing. Like, seriously. Conversations were happening left, right and centre – I didn’t know what was going on. I needed someone to come up to me and say ‘We are voting for Shannon’.”

Gavin Wanganeen: Great at playing footy, perhaps less so at playing Survivor.

Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn continues 7:30pm Sunday on Ten.

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