, VIOLENT CLASHES: Thousands swarm for Sydney lockdown protest, The Nzuchi Times

VIOLENT CLASHES: Thousands swarm for Sydney lockdown protest

, VIOLENT CLASHES: Thousands swarm for Sydney lockdown protest, The Nzuchi Times

Worrying video footage is emerging in Sydney of violent scenes erupting as a sea of thousands of anti-lockdown protesters take to the streets today.

Footage on social media showed thousands of demonstrators walking down Broadway — as part of a “worldwide rally for freedom” in the CBD before scenes turned ugly.

Further footage, posted just now, shows police arresting people and ugly scenes playing out in nearby Chippendale.

Amy Thomas, who posted the footage on Twitter said: “Stepped outside my house in Chippendale 5 mins ago to see some intense police brutality – assuming this is an anti-lockdown protest that police diverted from Broadway.

“It’s not a cause I support but the license that officers were taking here is something that concerns me. I saw several arrests and open threats from officers to ‘get people’.”

A huge police presence can be seen mounted on horseback and on foot as the maskless crowd fights to have their voices heard.

Police officers, locals and protestors can be can be seen fighting among each other, with one group throwing punches before falling to the ground in a tangle.

Police appeared to handcuff one man from the scuffle.

NSW Police say the march is unauthorised due to public health orders and many on social media are not happy about the mass gathering.

, VIOLENT CLASHES: Thousands swarm for Sydney lockdown protest, The Nzuchi Times

Speaking at a press conference today the NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard called the protests “silly” given the rising number of Covid cases in NSW.

“We live in a democracy and normally I am certainly one who supports people’s right to protest, but I actually think it is really silly,” he said.

“At the present time we’ve got cases going through the roof, and we have people thinking that it’s OK to get out there and possibly be close to each other at a demonstration. I just think that’s a bit silly.”

The protests come as the state records yet another record day of Covid-19 cases, with 163 new cases today.

There are also protests happening in Melbourne.

The health minister there also blasted the mass gathering — saying he is “beyond disappointed” at protest action.

He blasted the movement as “rat-baggery efforts” and said those taking part “are on the side of the virus”.

“Please.. be on the side of humanity, not the side of virus,” he said.

More to come.

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