, Why JobKeeper won’t return, The Nzuchi Times

Why JobKeeper won’t return

, Why JobKeeper won’t return, The Nzuchi Times

The federal government has stayed firm in shutting down calls for the return of JobKeeper, insisting the existing pandemic financial support plan is a superior system.

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg defended the new disaster payment system, stating the current income and business payments are quicker and more appropriate than JobKeeper was.

“The payments we are rolling out, they are faster than what occurred under JobKeeper,” Mr Frydenberg said on Monday.

“Payments are being made as quickly as 40 minutes.”

While JobKeeper was based on the turnover reduction for the businesses workers belonged to, the new income support system currently in place for NSW and Victoria is focused on the number of hours lost for the individual worker.

Mr Frydenberg insisted the new system was more appropriate for current circumstances – casting a “wider net” to include casual workers and allowing for greater flexibility.

But the federal government continues to cop significant criticism for axing JobKeeper.

Speaking to Today show host Karl Stefanovic on Monday, Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese slammed Scott Morrison for not reintroducing JobKeeper amid the current Delta outbreak.

“Small businesses – they‘re doing it so tough. People are losing their jobs. We need to give more support to individuals as well as to small business,” Mr Albanese said.

“If the circumstances were right before to have JobKeeper … the circumstances now are at least as dire as they were then (in 2020).”

NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet echoed Mr Albanese’s sentiments, making a public appeal for more federal financial support for NSW.

“We believe that JobKeeper was instrumental in keeping the nexus between workers and businesses. This won’t be forever, but we do need it now,” Mr Perrottet told The Sydney Morning Herald on Sunday.

, Why JobKeeper won’t return, The Nzuchi Times

But Mr Frydenberg insisted JobKeeper was not an appropriate solution to the current situation.

“When we introduced a JobKeeper, the whole country was effectively into a lockdown … This is a different circumstance,” he said.

The Federal Treasurer highlighted that under the new system, even those who work for business whose revenue has not declined by more than 50 per cent would still be eligible to receive income support.

“Those staff would not be eligible for JobKeeper. Yet, they’re eligible for that disaster payment through Services Australia because those staff have seen their hours reduced.”

Under JobKeeper, businesses were required to lose at least 50 per cent of their revenue before they became eligible for the system.

However, the new system is based on hours alone. Workers who lose less than 20 hours are eligible for $375 per week, while workers loosing more than 20 hours get $600/week.

“It does work differently, but the payments that we have today: the income support payments, the business payments, they are significant, substantive, comprehensive, and will provide welcome relief to people,” Mr Frydenberg said.

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